Lazy Day

Just'a Drop review-lazydayI personally think every home should have Just’a Drop in the bathroom and I am happy to report that we still use it daily which makes living in a 1 bathroom home a bit more tolerable.


Canadian girl review

I really enjoyed using Just’a Drop. I found it was easy to remember, with the little stand that comes with it. After you flush, just add a drop and a nice scent occurs. I really like that this lasts so long.


Teddy out-ready

Their innovative products, created to get rid of bathroom odours before they reach anyone’s nose work perfectly and bring fantastic results.



A spicy boy, a cat, & my fat ass

“Thanks to a wonderful product that I’ve come across, my life has been somewhat a bit less embarrassing… Just A Drop!”


Review Organic

I decided to use Refreshing Spring on my bathroom adventure today. I placed a drop in the toilet and went about my business. When I was finished I flushed, washed my hands and made a mental note that I couldn’t really smell anything…