December 2004




Prelam getting a whiff of success

Moncton company hopes toilet freshener will be the next big thing among its air-care products.

Moncton – Two Moncton entrepreneurs hope to make a big splash dealing with a subject that?s generally taboo.

Luc Jalbert and Don Goguen, owners of Prelam Enterprises Ltd., expect their ?Just?a Drop? product will “which the way people go to the bathroom” by eliminating unpleasant smells. The new product line, which involves squirting a drop of the pleasantly-scented solution in the toilet bowl prior to use, eliminates both odors and the need for other air fresheners, bathroom fans or even the humble match.

“It?s an embarrassing situation for everybody,” Mr. Jalbert explains during an interview at his firm?s west-end office where the company?s five employees work.

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November 2004


Excerpt from “Balancing Act”

“Take air care products, for example. The niche has now become a battleground for Fortune 500 companies such as SC Johnson, along with plucky newcomers such as Prelam Enterprises Ltd., a Moncton, NB. Company that develops and markets scented products for cars and homes. Prelam marketing manager Luc Jalbert explains: “The air care business is worth $130 million a year in Canada and grocery stores do 40% of it.” At SC Johnson’s Toronto office, product manager Tara St. John notes that women buy 89% of the products and that scents come and go at the rate of 25 a year. Battles are being fought for the loyalty of the noses of the nation. Grocers are trophies in this market that, Jalbert says, is growing at 12% to 15% a year, driven by a desire for comfort. Soon Prelam will launch a product that Jalbert says, will revolutionize Canadians’ bathroom habits.”