September 2005





All it takes is Just’a Drop

Inventor says no bathroom should be without new product that enutralizes unwanted bathroom odours before they happen.

Luc Jalber can smell success. He says it has a hint of lime. Jalbert is the vice-president of Prelam Enterprises Inc., which had made the Moncton Industrial Park home to a product Jalbert says no bathroom should be without.

Just’a Drop is a new kind of air freshener developed by the local company.

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September 2005




A scoop on poop with no stink

Someday my job is worth waking up for.

Those are the days when you head home at night and feel you’ve had some kind of positive impact on the world. The days when you write a piece and it “sings” as we say in the “biz”, meaning you have written prose that would be Pullitzer-worthy if those Pulitzer folks would just pick up a copy of Time & Transcript.

They are the days when the stories you tell are gripping and gritty. When you hit a source that can articulate their story in a compelling way.

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May 2005





Moncton company, a breath of fresh air

A Moncton business with an innovative bathroom air freshener has been named finalist in a national competition for new products.

The Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors management team of the Canadian Grand Prix New Products Awards has named Prelam Enterprise’s ‘Just a Drop’ Magic Odor Neutralizer a Grand Prix finalist in the non-food category for 2004-05.

Prelam Enterprises, owned by Don Goguen and Luc Jalbert recently introduced the product promoting it as innovative and revolutionary. According to Jalbert “It is quite unlike traditional air fresheners.”

He explained “A drop of the liquid freshener in the toilet bowl before use immediately seals in any offensive odors, which are flushed away leaving a clear, minty scent. The product is different from any we have seen and we are extremely pleased to have it along side other Prelam air fresheners.”

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March 2005




Excerpt from “Le grand ménage”

Fortunately for our nostrils and for the ego of inconvenienced people, the market is full of products that help us overcoming this issue, at least when there is a real bathroom. Among those discoveries, we see Prelam’s odour neutraliser Just’a Drop. This small company based in Moncton New Brunswick, offers a non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for septics product. Portable, it comes in a small plastic bottle which contains 15 ml of an almost miraculous solution with a travel case. One drop of Just’a Drop in the toilet bowl prior to use eliminates foul odours while leaving a light and fresh scent.

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December 2004




The sweet smell of success

Two entrepreneurs in Moncton, NB, have literally taken the time to smell the roses and are now parlaying the moment into a multi-million dollar business going head-to-head against the likes of S.C. Johnson and Proctor & Gamble. Luc Jalbert and Don Goguen, owners of Prelam Enterprises Inc., are in the air freshener business and after just 18 months they have become the Atlantic David to a group of international Goliaths.

With brokers in the Maritimes, Québec, Ontario and Western Canada and warehouse facilities in Moncton and Branford, Ontario, the Jalbert-Goguen team continues to expand its growing line of national retailers to include Wal-Mart, Zellers, Canadian Tire, Sobeys, Home Hardware, Petro-Canada, IGA, Uniprix, UniSelect and Shoppers. They also continue to push for prime retail space, inching alongside the big guys for optimum customer reach.

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